Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Living the dream!

My head is spinning trying to think of everything that's happened since my last blog!

Well, for one thing, there was lots and lots of poker. But what else is new? Oh yes, I got back to practicing yoga... And it's totally awesome! I find that when I go through stressful periods and I have lots on my mind, all I need to do is just go to a yoga class and through stretching, doing the poses, breathing and meditating, everything seems to clear up and then it becomes obvious as of what I should do and where I should put my focus. It's hard to explain but as I let go of what's on my mind, the answers come to me. I used to do heaps of yoga and the 2 studios I liked going closed down so I stopped practicing. I found a few new places lately that I have tried and liked and I am definitely back into it. I feel so much more empowered and relaxed after a good class!

I have also tried very hard to get into the WSOP main event. From backing deals to trying and satellite my seat. I did not want to spend 10k on a seat, as much as I believe in myself, a lot can happen in a tournament that is beyond my control and the price of that tournament is way over what I allow myself considering the size of my bankroll!!

So this week, I grinder my way up...I played a one table satellite for $175 and chopped it where I got about $800 and decided to invest in the $550 mega satellite. I didn't do too well in the first one but tried the same routine the following day. Now, you guys have to understand that lately, I have been doing a lot of visualization about the WSOP Main Event and I could actually see myself playing it. I felt very strongly about this to a point that it seemed nearly impossible that I was not going to make it. I was extremely positive about playing it and doing well at it. Well, sure enough, as I was playing my second Mega, I got a text from a friend with an offer for a full backing deal for the WSOP Main Event. I was very happy and accepted the offer! Then, of course, with all this boosting, I went on and did really good in the tournament. We made a deal at the end when we reached 27 players and split the total prize pool for $8700 each with a little less for the short stack and more for the few bigger ones (out of 500 entries, 23 players were supposed to be getting a 10k seat). I couldn't be happier! A good cash and a full staking deal on the same night!!

I am obviously all pumped up as I am writing this and can't wait to play day 1-D of the Main event at the World Series on Thursday! In the mean time... Yoga, positive thinking, visualization (I actually am gonna sleep with a bunch of chips in my bed to feel being surrounded by them! No joke!) I am totally grateful for all the opportunities that are coming my way and my friends who are cheering for me!

Life is goooooooood!

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