Saturday, May 17, 2014

Summer schedule 2014- Poker and meal plan info

Hello everyone! 
It's been a long time since I have been on this blog. This past year has been amazing! I got to travel quite often. Sometimes for poker, and sometimes for leisure. I got to work on some exciting cooking projects, and play poker in my spare time.  I was also fortunate to have spent quality time with my family, pets, friends, and my love. I am very excited abut the upcoming WSOP, and figure it would be easier to post everything that is going on for the poker "summer camp" on this page. 

So a few pieces of big news: Yes, I will be playing and yes, I will be cooking. How is it possible? Well, I have decided to focus on only 5 events throughout the summer which I felt were optimal for me. Either because of a great prize pool, or a good structure. Of course the WSOP ladies is none of the above. but it has a special spot in my heart, and I have historically cashed in ladies events consistently. I will be selling some shares for those events as I have in years past. Obviously on those 5 days, and hopefully the following ones for a deep run, I will not be cooking.

As far as cooking, last summer was a bit crazy.  I didn't charge quite enough, the delivery route was too large, and I also was making way too much food. Subsequently, I was a slave of the kitchen for 70-80 hrs a week, and had to figure out a way to make things work while offering the same quality of organic, made from scratch, high in nutrient/superfood meals.

This year's format is a little different. The price remains the same: $22 for a single meal, or $20/meal when ordered in packages of 5. The meals will include a main course and a salad of the day. There will be two choices of main courses per day for either lunch or dinner. I am making only 10 of each per day and will be sold out afterwards so please place your order early to make sure you get your 1st choice! Deliveries will be between 12:30pm-1:30pm for lunch, and between 5:30pm-6:30 pm for dinner at the Rio.

Other hotels within the Las Vegas strip will have to be before or after that time frame and will have a $4 delivery charge. Locals can meet me at the Rio to pick up food if they wish, but I will not do home deliveries. Snacks can be purchased at extra cost of $5. The selections will vary, so please call or text me to inquire about availability.

The weekly menu will be posted on (you can have a peak at it already as the 1st week teaser is up)

As far as my tournament schedule and shares go, here is what I am planning on playing:

05/31/14, 5 pm Flight 1 b millionaire maker WSOP ...$1500
06/18/14, 12 pm Binion's Main event ...$1000
06/27/14, 12 pm WSOP ladies event ...$1000
07/01/14, 12 pm ARIA WPT (1MM gtd prize pool) ...$565
07/02/14, 12 pm Golden Nugget Main event ...$1100

I don't know about you, but I can't wait for it all to start!!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

What's been cooking?

Hi everyone!
Some of you might wonder what's been going on. I have not posted much about poker lately. Since the WSOP, I have to admit, my life has been a bit on the fast pace with a lot of different things  happening! :) 
After busting the WSOP main event on day 3, I decided to take a month off from poker. I went on a few trips to California and took it easy for a while. It was much needed after the 6 weeks of craziness from the Series.    

After that time off, I started working more intensely on my cookbook. It is a project that I have had in mind for quite a while and it is far more time consuming than I expected! I have all the recipes gathered and we started shooting the pics last week so it does start to feel like it is all coming together! I am hoping for Feb/March to be all done ! There is still plenty of work to be done but I am very excited about this project. 

I also have been approached by a local restaurant, Coconuts Mexican grill and Beach Bar in town square to make a vegan/gluten free menu in addition to their already fantastic Mexican food . The taste tests were done this past week and they loved and approved the menu I presented. I am proud to announce that my food will be featured on their menu in about two weeks time. I will definitely keep you all posted when I have the official date.

I also have been studying! I am taking my plant base nutritionist certificate course through eCornell University and I am going to a Holistic Healing School in Atlanta in December. I am doing this mostly to have more accreditations for my cookbook as it is going to be very health-oriented.

As if I didn't have enough on my plate already, I also started fostering dogs. I am currently fostering a little chihuahua named Aldo, he was saved from Lied animal shelter when his time ran out, he was going to be put down that day but instead got rescued, neutered and has been staying with me until we can find him a home. I do have someone who has shown interest in him and he should be with his new forever family sometime this week if everything goes well. It is a very rewarding experience to feel like I can make a difference in a doggies life and I will probably keep fostering new doggies in the future

So most of my free time has been spent between playing poker, traveling (California, Montreal and Quebec) making time for my boyfriend and friends along with a few other things.

I have not played any major tournaments as I have not been capable to commit to the hours needed to play them but I am planning on playing the deepstacks ladies and Main event of which I am selling some shares, same as I did before with a 20% markup:

Sunday nov 11      $300 ladies
Saturday nov 17    $2500 main event

TOTAL BUY-INS = $2,800
20% Mark-up Package Price $3,360

Each 1% share = $33,60
Each 5% share= $168
Each 10% share= $336

In the event that I cannot play one of the tournament listed above, the investor will get a refund for their percentage of that particular event that I will be missing plus the 20% mark up.
The shares are good for the 2 tournaments package listed above only. I might play more with my own money but due to my busy schedule I don't want to over commit myself.

Investors please review the package and contact me by email at if you would like to invest in one or more share of my action or have any questions . I am selling 60% of my action, if it is like the WSOP, it will go fast!

I promise there will be more poker related posts soon. It is definitaly my passion but sometimes, we have more than one passion and it is good to expand the horizon!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Ladies week in the book

The WSOP has been hosting a ladies event since 1977.  The event has tremendously grown in popularity since it's debut but has also been an event of controversy for many years. There are many reasons for and against the ladies event and most of them are personal reasons. I am on the "for" side and always have been. I think it is good for poker and that it brings more ladies into the game. I always look forward to that event as it is one of the few chances for us women to compete against each other..

Every year, guys enter the tournament, some even dressed as drags, claiming discrimination. (note I said guys here, a man would know better and  would respectfully let us play our event).

I personally think it is a bad idea for these guys to play. Poker players unfortunately don't always  have the best reputation as far as classy is concerned,  and these eruptions just reinforces that negative aspect. It is sad that a few disrespectful people ruin it for the rest of us.

On a brighter note, the WSOP ladies event has so grown in popularity that it has now created a   "ladies week" happening in all the casinos where most of the smaller series have a ladies tournament that compete during that week.  It is my favorite week of the series! Girls are fun to play with, they have a smile on their face, they talk about anything but sports (yay!) and, don't get me wrong, they can be really tough opponents!

I played the ladies WSOP this year, I busted 93rd on day 2 of the event. There were 952 entries this year and 117 were getting paid. I had a great start in the tournament, but it seemed like I went on a little of a rot as we got deeper and Icould not find a winning hand. I did make some new acquaintances and got to catch up with many ladies from the poker community and hey, I still cashed!   So, overall it was a great event! I am already looking forward to next year :)

As far as the series go, I have cashed in 2 events out of 11. It is a standard result considering cash rates for very good players in poker tournaments are about 20% and win rates are 2%. I bubbled a few tournaments very close to the money which was a little frustrating but at the end of the day, I was satisfied with the way I played and that is important.

Maybe I just need to learn to win coinflips more ... I should ask Jason Mercier how he does it.  ;)*kidding*

My next  event is the WSOP 1k next Wednesday. I am looking forward to it!

I am also selling some of my actions for the main event.  Therefore, I am starting an interest list.

I am selling at 20% mark up ( my commission for professional work) so 1% of my main event action sellsfor $120.

Please note that investors are responsible for their own taxes on large winnings and will be sent a 1099 for the amount they received from the winnings. The Winnings will be divided at the end of the series.
For instance, if someone owns 1% of my shares, I will pay them 1% of my total winnings from the WSOP Main Event.

There are obviously no guarantees but the top money potential in the WSOP Main Event can be pretty lucrative for a low cost investment. :)

Please contact me on my email at if you are interested in buying some shares and be part of the WSOP Main Event action!

Monday, May 28, 2012

WSOP event #1

The Rio feels like poker summer camp at the moment and I am really excited about the weeks to come. Yesterday was the 1st event at the WSOP: The casino employee event.
Since I worked as a prop player in San Diego the last few months, I was eligible to play that event.

I was feeling great and I played for 12 hours. I busted in 68th place out of 732 entries for $925. I didn't get many hands over the day but still manage to last pretty long.

The bust out hand was pretty sick but that's poker:

I was on the button, this guy who was one of the chip leader and VERY active opened in late position for 3k. The blinds were 600/1200 with a 200 ante. he had played at least 5 of the last 7 hands and his range was very marginal. He was hitting the deck and had a lot of chips.
I only had 13k in chips so was getting pretty short stack and looking for an occasion to double up. I woke up with 77. Being the fact that I knew his range was marginal, I decided to put him to the test and went all in. He tanked for a while and decided to call. He had K8 of hearts so my read was right on.
I was a 54% favorite preflop. The board came A76 with one heart. I felt pretty good as I had a set and was now a 92% favorite to win at showdown. The turn was 4 of heart which gave him a flush draw and a inside straight draw. I was still a favorite by 77% but he definitely had added outs to win. The river was a 5 of Spade giving him the straight and I was sent to the rail!

I had a great time, I have great stamina and focus and definitely feel that it will be an awesome series. It is off to a good start and hopefully I keep on cashing/winning. :)

Next event: Venetian Deepstack 1.1k on Thursday. In the mean time, I am playing cash games.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

WSOP is just around the corner! Hello investors!

The year 2012 has been really busy for me. I was playing in California most of the time as a prop player for Village Club card room in San Diego, propping the 5/10 NLH game mostly.

For those who do not know what a prop player is, here is a quick explanation: I was actually paid by the card room to play the 5/10 NLH game during the evening so that it would have a sufficient amount of players and that the game wouldn't break. I was playing and promoting the place at the same time. It was a pretty sweet deal but I got a little tired of all the traveling back and forth since I still live in Vegas, so I decided to take a break for now until after the WSOP and put my focus on the upcoming series. I am probably going to start propping again in August when all the craziness is over.

Talking about the WSOP....... I have decided on my schedule.  I am planning on playing 11 tournaments between the Rio and Venetian and lots of cash games in between. I am getting pretty excited about it. I can't believe it's already that time of the year!

I am selling pieces of myself (or shares as they call it). The total cost for a 1% share in ALL eleven tournaments listed below that I plan on playing is only $122.88. It is a great way to get a piece of all the action for a low cost. I will be selling up to 60% of this package.

There is a 20% mark-up on the total cost and the reason is this is my commission for my professional skills, doing the work and putting in the hours. It is common practice when selling shares and this is usually the minimum mark-up requested. Anyone interested in investing in me can-buy shares in 1% block but you can buy as many as available for sale. So, for example, someone who wants 1% of my actions for all 11 tournaments will pay $122.88 but if someone wants 10% of my actions they will then pay $1228.80.

Investors are responsible for their own taxes on large winnings and will be sent a 1099 for the amount they received from the winnings. The Winnings will be divided at the end of the series. For instance, if someone owns 1% of my shares, I will pay them 1% of my total winnings from the 11 tournaments listed below. There are obviously no guarantees but the top money potentials in some of those events can make a very nice payday for a low cost investment. :)

Here is the schedule I am planning on playing:

DATE              EVENT                         BUY -IN:

27th-May- WSOP Employee Event- RIO   $500.
3rd-June- WSOP Re entry NLHE -RIO      $1,500.
7th-June- WSOP Six Max NLHE -RIO      $1,500.
10th-June- WSOP NLHE -RIO                   $1,000.
15th-June- DeepStack- Venetian                 $600.
20th-June- WSOP NLHE - RIO                  $1,500.
24th-June- WSOP NLHE -RIO                   $1,000.
26th-June- Deepstacks Ladies -Venetian    $400 .
29th-June- WSOP Ladies -RIO                   $1,000.
1st-Juy-l LIPS ladies Championship           $240.
4th-July- WSOP NLHE -RIO                     $1,000.

TOTAL BUY-INS =                                  $10,240
20% Mark-up Package Price                      $12,288.

Each 1% share =                                        $122.88
Each 5% share=                                         $614.40
Each 10% share=                                       $1228.80

The schedule I propose includes tournaments in which I have a HUGE edge: the Employee Event, 3 Ladies Event ( I have very strong record in Ladies Events) and the WSOP 6 max (as a prop player, I played a LOT of short-handed sessions). 

In the event that I run super deep in one event and cannot play one of the tournament listed above, the investor will get a refund for their percentage of that particular event that I will be missing plus the 20% mark up.

The shares are good for the 11 tournament package listed above only.

Investors please review the package and contact me by email at or via twitter @AnnieLepage if you would like to invest in one or more share of my action or have any questions . I already have sold 15% of the package in the 1st day without having to post anything so it will go fast!

Looking forward to the upcoming WSOP and giving you all updates on my performance. :)

Saturday, December 17, 2011

The season to be jolly, spend family time, give back...and play online poker?

I just got to Canada a few days ago. I usually try to spend the Holidays with my family. It's been really nice to be back to my hometown, Quebec city. The weather has been unusually nice, which is awesome because, I was dreading the cold a little bit. Living in Vegas, we get spoiled with winters that are pretty sunny with mild temperatures. Though the weather is usually nicer in Vegas, Quebec is way more beautiful and magical during the holidays. It is a beautiful, historical city and I am very proud to be from here. I am here for almost 3 weeks so I will have plenty of time to see everyone and catch up with family and friends. I especially will be spending time with my daugther, even though she is working a lot at the moment, I still get to see her everyday. *Happy mum*

The holidays is a time for family but it's also a time to give back. Before my departure, Mike and I got a few toys for kids who are less fortunate and dropped them off to one of the "Toys for tots" locations. There are MANY locations you can drop off toys if you would like to participate or you can donate money. They also have different events around the USA to raise money. You can go on their website at for any information needed. You can give as much as you want/can and it truly makes a difference in a kid`s life. It feels good to do so, so just do it! ;)

I also was invited to play as a poker guest in a celebrity charity event for Cerebral Palsy called "All In for CP" at the Venetian a few days before my Canada departure. It is an event that is held by Jacob, who has CP and is a poker player, Many of you might have seen him during the WSOP as he is very friendly and wanders around the rooms with his electrical scooter/wheelchair. The event is held yearly, in December in hope of raising money for kids with Cerebral Palsy so that they can get an electrical wheelchair. For those who do not know, these wheelchairs are VERY expensive. They start at around 25K each but they change those kids lives tremendously. We raised close to 200k in the event, which consisted of a $550 buy-in tournament with $200 re-buys, with a silent auction in which some very generous donations were made. There was a total of 155 players. My girlfriend Pamela Brunson and I both made the final table, where she took 2ND and I took 8Th. It was lots of fun to be part of such a great successful event. You can still make a donation or learn more about it at
I surely hope I can be part of it again next year. A lot of people do not realize that poker is a great way to raise money for charities. It's not all bad like the government makes it look like lately.

Now that I am in Canada, I decided to open a few accounts so that I can play online poker. I do not have to worry about my money being frozen by the DOJ and can play freely on hours that are convenient to me. Since I came here to be with my family, I usually wait until they are in bed, busy or working. It's great to have that freedom again and be able to open your laptop and jump in a game whenever you wish! Even though I prefer playing live than online in general, I still really appreciate the convenience of online playing. The only day that will be all about poker and not family is going to be next Sunday, as it is when all the big payouts are being held. Being Pokerstars 10Th anniversary, the prize pools are even bigger than usual. Sunday million tournament has a guaranteed 2 million for 1st place so I will definitively be trying for my shot at that prize. So far I am doing pretty good in the cash games and I have won a seat to one of the big tourneys on Sunday so I am definitely having a good start. *smile*

I hope everyone has a happy holiday season.

Be safe, loved and happy.


Monday, November 28, 2011

Mixing business with pleasure

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. :)

Thanksgiving is the day where we should stop and be thankful for what we have. I think we should be thankful everyday but it's nice to also have a special day around family/friends to make a point of it. Once we really take the time to think about all we are grateful for, it can become overwhelming... All the little things we take for granted can add up very quickly to something pretty big.

I have had many people asking me what I was eating on that day since I am vegan. There is actually a wide variety of things on the market nowadays, you can find tofurkey (vegan turkey), celebration roast (my personal favorite) and vegan ham (have not tried it yet but will soon) along with many side dishes and homemade goodies. We went to Mike's parent house for thanksgiving. I ended up bringing a celebration roast to share and gravy. They had a turkey for themselves but they all tried the roast and absolutely loved it! I have to admit, it is pretty good stuff :)

As I have done as a Thanksgiving tradition those past few years, I have also sponsored a few turkey from Farm sanctuary. Mike and I sponsored 3 this year. Those are turkey that were save from slaughter, usually because they somehow escape, who end up at the sanctuary, living a spoiled life, eating well and mingling with people and other animals. Never having to worry about being abused ever again. If you want to adopt one or want more info you can look up
I like different charities for different time of the year, being a vegan, this is my Thanksgiving one, Christmas will be all about kids with toys for tots.

I did miss my daughter for thanksgiving, It's weird not having her around. But she is doing great in Canada and I am thankful for that. I think next year I will try to fly her up for a few days. She misses American Thanksgiving. It is a different date in Canada, a month early actually and not very celebrated in Quebec where we are from.

The week prior to Thanksgiving I went to Lake Tahoe to play the WSOP circuit event.
I was being sponsored by Five Figure scores and Haust energy drink while over there. Five figure score is a company that finds sponsors (Haust energy drinks in this case) and good mid-stakes players. They then connect them together for promotion purpose in the poker industry through the wear of logos while playing tournaments. You can look them up at for more info.

I played a few events that week, Main event included. I did final table the ladies event while I was there. I ended up 6Th, I probably would have done better as I came in to the final table with the chip lead but I did picked a wrong spot at one point to make a "move" that costed me quite a few chips. I didn't quite recover after and busted a little later. Oh well, I try not to kick my butt too much about it but take the lesson from it instead.

The fun thing about going out of town for poker is the camaraderie, Everybody is very friendly, after poker we often hang out with few friends and make new ones. At the end of the week we almost all know each other. It's almost like going away for camp like kids do, except this one is all about poker!

Mike came to meet me at the end of the week as he was conveniently shooting a movie scene in Reno. We ended up staying in Tahoe for a few days after the series to ski.
I LOVE heavenly ski mountain! It does not get better that... Fresh snow, mild temperature, sunshine, beautiful lake views. Pure awesomeness! We had so much fun on the slopes. Mike is actually a very good skier, I did not expect that! I am definitely looking forward to skiing more this winter :)

While in Tahoe I also met Sean Mullaly, who is a personal trainer/poker player. I got him to start training Mike. I tag along because I love working out but its great to see my boyfriend out doing some exercise and getting motivated. Being healthy is so important!

I took a nice small break for thanksgiving as far as poker goes. I did get back at it last Saturday and went to the Epic poker tournaments last night. My friend Stacey was the bounty and a bunch of our crew all went down to try and bust her. Unfortunately she was at another table so I didn't get the chance. Her boyfriend, Don, ended up winning and then took us all out to dinner. It was definitely fun times with friends.

For those interested in the Epic Pro/am $1500 tournament, it is on the 10Th of December. So there are still a few chance to satellite it in. That $1500 tournament is the only way to get into the 20K main event if you are not an invited guest. You guys can go to if you want more info on the upcoming tournaments schedule.

I am pretty much gonna focus on cash games in the weeks to come. It is more of a bread and "vegan" butter for me. And with the Holidays coming up, I rather built my bankroll than watch it bleed from tournament buy-ins!