Thursday, July 15, 2010

WSOP 2010 coming to an end.

I played the WSOP main event last week. I was so excited to play and felt so good about how I would do but somehow, I ran so bad that day and nothing was going my way. I actually can't remember the last time I had such a bad day in poker! AA then KK cracked, Top 2 pairs were no good, draws would not come, I missed most flops and my bluffs were getting called or raised. I lost pots after pots. The worst part is that I had a really easy table draw. Except for Michael Binger, none of the players at my table were pro's and I really was wondering what a few of them were doing playing a 10k event as they were pretty bad players! But luck was on their side not mine. Even though I kept positive that everything would turn around and stayed focused, it didn't and I was eliminated on day one after dinner break.

I took the week off from poker to regroup and relax. Except from playing a few online tourneys when I got really bored, I mainly focused on catching up with friends and spending time at home with my pets. I needed that... The last few weeks have been crazy and exhausting to say the least!

I did go to a few WSOP closing party last week end. Poker Listings was hosting a house party for the departure of Lara Miller last Saturday. For those who do not know Lara, she is a personal Publicist. Her list of clients includes some of the big names in poker such as Phil Helmuth, The Brunson's and Erica Schoenberg just to name a few. She is totally addicted to adventures and has decided to leave everything behind and go on a world trip, where she is going to volunteer and help people in need. I admire her for her courage to just turn the page and do something that she truly wants. You guys can follow her blog at It was a beautiful setting, the party was great and a lot of people came to give her farewell. She will be missed!

The following night I went to the Pokerstars private WSOP ending party with special guest Snoop Dogg. It was held at Rain nightclub at The Palms. I went with Tom McEvoy, His beautiful wife Yolanda and my girlfriend Demetria. The place was packed! It definitely was a lot of fun, Snoop's Performance was great and to top it off, at the end of the night as we were leaving, Demetria and I got invited to meet Snoop Dogg. So we met him, took a few pics, but to be quite honest, it was not our scene! There were about 20 groupies in there wanting to meet him, the room smelled of... Hum, hum... you know, this "thing" he is known to enjoy smoking and it was a bit awkward. So we left shortly after meeting him, happy that we did. It was just a fun night overall and I am glad that I went and caught up with friends.

I have a few friends still going strong on day 6 of the main event WSOP. I think it would be awesome to see Michael Mizrachi win another championship bracelet this year but I am also rooting for Adam Levi, David Benyamine, Jean Robert Bellande and Joseph "subiime" Cheong. I can't wait to see who will be the final nine!

I am taking the week off and will be back at online grinding after the week end. I am excited about a few things to come in many aspects of my life. I will keep you all posted as they develop.

This year is a good one!

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