Friday, July 30, 2010

Life after the WSOP

It was so nice to enjoy some time off after the six week WSOP rush. I didn't play much poker the last few weeks and just had some ME time, which means lots of yoga, working out, shopping and time with family/pets/friends.

Last week I took a mini vacation to Utah with my daughter and we enjoyed a bunch of outdoor activities. We had an amazing time. We went shopping, to the movies, to the mountains and to a water park. We also tried a bunch of vegan restaurants, including a vegan pastry shop (City Cake and Cafe) that had a huge selection of vegan sweets, so we were pretty much in vegan heaven. My daughter is the one who turned me vegan by showing me some video's on animal abuse. I really enjoy spending time with her. We are on the same page on so many issues and we have a great Mother/daughter relationship.

While in Utah, she suggested that we go to a homeless shelter to play with the kids and read them bedtime stories. So we did. It was heartbreaking to know the kids where homeless. However they were happy, they looked at us with the biggest smile on their face. Most of them were excited to have us there and spent as much time as they could with us. I will never complain about a bad day, especially after seeing these kids make the most of their situation. It was a very humbling experience.

I am now back and planning on working a tight poker schedule. There are a few online tournaments that I am planning on playing on a daily basis; in the evenings I will concentrate on cash games (online and live). I also want to improve my mix games; I am really into Razz right now. Obviously, Sunday will be all online tournaments. The nice thing is that I will be home a lot more. I’ll be working a crazy amount of hours, but that doesn't bother me.
I already had a few cashes and two final table, including one win, in the last two days so it's definitely a good start.


  1. Chere Annie,,,Where is un endroit, were is always preceded by a noun like we were going., we were sad, were is a verb, where is a place like where is California, a question - where is my son, where are we ??? Tu fais cet erreur over and over again. Ca fait plusieurs fois que je le corrige mais j'aimerais que tu vois la différence afin de ne plus faire cet erreur. We were welcome! Where shall we go? Capish bébé?

  2. Salut Annie, je n'avais aucune idee que tu etais un joeur de poker. Je suis impressionne mais pas surpris de ton succes.Je te souhaite toute la chance possible dans tes prochains tournois.J'ai juste join FACEBOOK recemment et c'est comme cela que je t'ai trouve. En esperant te parler sous peut...Pierre

  3. Omg Pierre! je viens juste de voir ton message! Comment vas tu? Envoi moi un message sur FB. Je serai a quebec la semaine prochaine si tu y est. :)