Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Event 16 WSOP deep run... but not good enough!

My WSOP started this week with event 16, 6-handed No-Limit Hold'em. I was very excited to play that one as 6-handed is my game of choice when playing cash games or «sit and go's » online. I also like to play a lot of hands, so, being shorthanded works great for me!

The first table I got was absolutely fantastic! No known names and the players were fairly weak. I was running them over! My reads where great, my bluff worked my hands hold up. I could not ask for anything better! Unfortunately, the table broke and I was sent to a new table.

My new table was a lot tougher, I had Bryan Micon to my right along with a few internet pros. Now for those who don't know Micon, he is this great winning player who also owns a podcast radio show that talks about Poker, girls, sex and anything that can be a little X-rated... He's kind of the Howard Stern of online radio with a focus on poker. You guys can actually listen to him on Wednesday nights at 7:30 Pacific time at Micon, like me, has also trained with "The Maven" in the past. So, it was kind of cool and strange at the same time to play next to someone who knew the same style of play and tricks. We didn't really get involved in too many big pots together, so I guess that was a good thing!

The tournament started with 1662 players and I was holding my own for most of the time but I ended up busting in the early 300th. Unfortunately they where paying only 162... So, not quite enough! The level before dinner break was not great for me and I started chipping down. I ended up coming back from dinner break with a small stack and went all in with AJ preflop. Got called by KQ, the flop became a King and the rest is history.

I actually have to give some kudos to the WSOP. The new kitchen now has a new wrap/salad bar which is awesome. Players can finally eat well in there! I also love how the rooms are now set up, and that there is a wider variety of buy -ins to fit every budget. I am definitely even more excited to play this year!

This week is going to be a fun one as all the ladies events are in town. I am especially looking forward to the WSOP one on Friday. I have a great feeling about that one... It's my time to take it down. I am ready!!!

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