Tuesday, October 30, 2012

What's been cooking?

Hi everyone!
Some of you might wonder what's been going on. I have not posted much about poker lately. Since the WSOP, I have to admit, my life has been a bit on the fast pace with a lot of different things  happening! :) 
After busting the WSOP main event on day 3, I decided to take a month off from poker. I went on a few trips to California and took it easy for a while. It was much needed after the 6 weeks of craziness from the Series.    

After that time off, I started working more intensely on my cookbook. It is a project that I have had in mind for quite a while and it is far more time consuming than I expected! I have all the recipes gathered and we started shooting the pics last week so it does start to feel like it is all coming together! I am hoping for Feb/March to be all done ! There is still plenty of work to be done but I am very excited about this project. 

I also have been approached by a local restaurant, Coconuts Mexican grill and Beach Bar in town square to make a vegan/gluten free menu in addition to their already fantastic Mexican food . The taste tests were done this past week and they loved and approved the menu I presented. I am proud to announce that my food will be featured on their menu in about two weeks time. I will definitely keep you all posted when I have the official date.

I also have been studying! I am taking my plant base nutritionist certificate course through eCornell University and I am going to a Holistic Healing School in Atlanta in December. I am doing this mostly to have more accreditations for my cookbook as it is going to be very health-oriented.

As if I didn't have enough on my plate already, I also started fostering dogs. I am currently fostering a little chihuahua named Aldo, he was saved from Lied animal shelter when his time ran out, he was going to be put down that day but instead got rescued, neutered and has been staying with me until we can find him a home. I do have someone who has shown interest in him and he should be with his new forever family sometime this week if everything goes well. It is a very rewarding experience to feel like I can make a difference in a doggies life and I will probably keep fostering new doggies in the future

So most of my free time has been spent between playing poker, traveling (California, Montreal and Quebec) making time for my boyfriend and friends along with a few other things.

I have not played any major tournaments as I have not been capable to commit to the hours needed to play them but I am planning on playing the deepstacks ladies and Main event of which I am selling some shares, same as I did before with a 20% markup:

Sunday nov 11      $300 ladies
Saturday nov 17    $2500 main event

TOTAL BUY-INS = $2,800
20% Mark-up Package Price $3,360

Each 1% share = $33,60
Each 5% share= $168
Each 10% share= $336

In the event that I cannot play one of the tournament listed above, the investor will get a refund for their percentage of that particular event that I will be missing plus the 20% mark up.
The shares are good for the 2 tournaments package listed above only. I might play more with my own money but due to my busy schedule I don't want to over commit myself.

Investors please review the package and contact me by email at
lalepage2@gmail.com if you would like to invest in one or more share of my action or have any questions . I am selling 60% of my action, if it is like the WSOP, it will go fast!

I promise there will be more poker related posts soon. It is definitaly my passion but sometimes, we have more than one passion and it is good to expand the horizon!

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  1. Can't wait to see that cookbook. I'm also both poker player and hobby cook ;)