Wednesday, May 16, 2012

WSOP is just around the corner! Hello investors!

The year 2012 has been really busy for me. I was playing in California most of the time as a prop player for Village Club card room in San Diego, propping the 5/10 NLH game mostly.

For those who do not know what a prop player is, here is a quick explanation: I was actually paid by the card room to play the 5/10 NLH game during the evening so that it would have a sufficient amount of players and that the game wouldn't break. I was playing and promoting the place at the same time. It was a pretty sweet deal but I got a little tired of all the traveling back and forth since I still live in Vegas, so I decided to take a break for now until after the WSOP and put my focus on the upcoming series. I am probably going to start propping again in August when all the craziness is over.

Talking about the WSOP....... I have decided on my schedule.  I am planning on playing 11 tournaments between the Rio and Venetian and lots of cash games in between. I am getting pretty excited about it. I can't believe it's already that time of the year!

I am selling pieces of myself (or shares as they call it). The total cost for a 1% share in ALL eleven tournaments listed below that I plan on playing is only $122.88. It is a great way to get a piece of all the action for a low cost. I will be selling up to 60% of this package.

There is a 20% mark-up on the total cost and the reason is this is my commission for my professional skills, doing the work and putting in the hours. It is common practice when selling shares and this is usually the minimum mark-up requested. Anyone interested in investing in me can-buy shares in 1% block but you can buy as many as available for sale. So, for example, someone who wants 1% of my actions for all 11 tournaments will pay $122.88 but if someone wants 10% of my actions they will then pay $1228.80.

Investors are responsible for their own taxes on large winnings and will be sent a 1099 for the amount they received from the winnings. The Winnings will be divided at the end of the series. For instance, if someone owns 1% of my shares, I will pay them 1% of my total winnings from the 11 tournaments listed below. There are obviously no guarantees but the top money potentials in some of those events can make a very nice payday for a low cost investment. :)

Here is the schedule I am planning on playing:

DATE              EVENT                         BUY -IN:

27th-May- WSOP Employee Event- RIO   $500.
3rd-June- WSOP Re entry NLHE -RIO      $1,500.
7th-June- WSOP Six Max NLHE -RIO      $1,500.
10th-June- WSOP NLHE -RIO                   $1,000.
15th-June- DeepStack- Venetian                 $600.
20th-June- WSOP NLHE - RIO                  $1,500.
24th-June- WSOP NLHE -RIO                   $1,000.
26th-June- Deepstacks Ladies -Venetian    $400 .
29th-June- WSOP Ladies -RIO                   $1,000.
1st-Juy-l LIPS ladies Championship           $240.
4th-July- WSOP NLHE -RIO                     $1,000.

TOTAL BUY-INS =                                  $10,240
20% Mark-up Package Price                      $12,288.

Each 1% share =                                        $122.88
Each 5% share=                                         $614.40
Each 10% share=                                       $1228.80

The schedule I propose includes tournaments in which I have a HUGE edge: the Employee Event, 3 Ladies Event ( I have very strong record in Ladies Events) and the WSOP 6 max (as a prop player, I played a LOT of short-handed sessions). 

In the event that I run super deep in one event and cannot play one of the tournament listed above, the investor will get a refund for their percentage of that particular event that I will be missing plus the 20% mark up.

The shares are good for the 11 tournament package listed above only.

Investors please review the package and contact me by email at or via twitter @AnnieLepage if you would like to invest in one or more share of my action or have any questions . I already have sold 15% of the package in the 1st day without having to post anything so it will go fast!

Looking forward to the upcoming WSOP and giving you all updates on my performance. :)

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