Monday, May 28, 2012

WSOP event #1

The Rio feels like poker summer camp at the moment and I am really excited about the weeks to come. Yesterday was the 1st event at the WSOP: The casino employee event.
Since I worked as a prop player in San Diego the last few months, I was eligible to play that event.

I was feeling great and I played for 12 hours. I busted in 68th place out of 732 entries for $925. I didn't get many hands over the day but still manage to last pretty long.

The bust out hand was pretty sick but that's poker:

I was on the button, this guy who was one of the chip leader and VERY active opened in late position for 3k. The blinds were 600/1200 with a 200 ante. he had played at least 5 of the last 7 hands and his range was very marginal. He was hitting the deck and had a lot of chips.
I only had 13k in chips so was getting pretty short stack and looking for an occasion to double up. I woke up with 77. Being the fact that I knew his range was marginal, I decided to put him to the test and went all in. He tanked for a while and decided to call. He had K8 of hearts so my read was right on.
I was a 54% favorite preflop. The board came A76 with one heart. I felt pretty good as I had a set and was now a 92% favorite to win at showdown. The turn was 4 of heart which gave him a flush draw and a inside straight draw. I was still a favorite by 77% but he definitely had added outs to win. The river was a 5 of Spade giving him the straight and I was sent to the rail!

I had a great time, I have great stamina and focus and definitely feel that it will be an awesome series. It is off to a good start and hopefully I keep on cashing/winning. :)

Next event: Venetian Deepstack 1.1k on Thursday. In the mean time, I am playing cash games.

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  1. Great job Annie! Happy you cashed the 1st event! Good luck on the next one.