Wednesday, September 14, 2011


It Seems like forever since I have posted a Poker blog!

I was so busy during the WSOP that I never got a chance to sit down and write, I guess I kind of lost the mojo to do so after a while. My WSOP was very disappointing. I played everyday, Mix between cash games and tournaments. I did pretty good in the cash games but no so much on the tourneys. I felt so confident going in that I was gonna do well this year but had a lot of emotional issues in my personal life that I think might have affected my game and I didn't end up with the expected results. It was a very exhausting series both on a physical and emotional level. I sure hope next year will be better!

Lately, I have been on a much more relaxed schedule, as far as tournaments, I have not played many of them. I did play the 1st pro/am Epic Poker, It was an awesome tourney with a really tough field and probably the hardest one that I have played in a long time! Amongst some of the players at my table were Eli Elezra, Allan Cunningham, Andeas Hoivold and some high stakes online pros. The structure was quite good and they had a good turnout considering it being their 1st event. My friend, David "Chino" Rheem ended up winning the main event title and 1 million dollard, that was really cool. I was very happy for him. They were holding their second event a little over a week ago and I missed it as I was on a much needed vacation with my daughter, but, I am definitely looking forward to the next ones.

I went to Mesquite with my friend Stacey a little after that to play the Eureka Open, hosted by Jan Fisher and Linda Johnson. The Eureka open is a friendly series that is held in Mesquite which is one hour away from Vegas. It was my first time going there... it's actually a very cute, small town with golf courses. I did make the final table and we ended up chopping the money. It was not big money as it is a smallish tourney, but it was fun and nice to get out of Vegas for the day.

I Played the Five Figure Score tournament last week-end. Five Figure Score is a new company that organizes tournaments, series and staking deals for mid stakes players. They were hosting a tournament at the Tropicana Hotel. It was a $160 buy-in, the bonus is that they were offering a lake Tahoe 7day vacation and staking deal to the WSOP circuit event coming up in November as an addition to the prize pool for the winner. Just that made it so worthwhile to play! I ended up winning the tournament along with the Lake Tahoe package. I was very happy and I am definitely looking forward to going in November to play. Hopefully, there will be some snow so that I can take a day off from poker and ski at Heavenly... It is by far my favorite ski mountain. The view of lake Tahoe is so beautiful going down the slopes! You guys can check out their website for more info on their other upcoming tournaments at

I don't have specific plans as what's next. I am kind of going with the flow at the moment... I feel like my life is ready for something new, but I am not sure what exactly. I definitely needed that vacation in Miami last week with my daughter. I have been really missing her and was in major need of some family time. She is doing so great and I am so proud of her! Florida is also awesome. I think I would like living there! I do not push the idea of moving out of Vegas in the future... Not sure where I would go, but the idea of moving has really been in the back of my mind.

I am probably going to be in L.A .to play the "Oktober Mega Million Series III" at The bike at the beginning of October. It looks like it will be a crazy tournament. The buy in is only going to be $150, but they will have like 10 day 1, so the tournament will stretch over a two week period to get all the entries to cover the nice prize pool of 1 million guarranteed. It seems like they do a lot of those big guarantees in L.A., I don't know why Vegas doesn’t do them! It is very likely they would do well over here too. Hopefully, they will do them eventually, which would be fun!

Hopefully my next blog will come sooner!
I will try and write them more often and keep you guys posted on my adventures. :)

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