Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mikey's birthday in Seneca Falls

I just got back from Seneca Falls where the Deepstacks crew hosted a boot camp and a tournament series. There was a main event with a $1,350 buy-in. The boot camp was a huge success, many top pro's were there teaching for the weekend. The poker director at Seneca Niagara was so impressed that they decided to book another boot camp and tournament series for the upcoming fall.

I played cash games while I was there and all I can say is the staff in that room is incredibly awesome. Everybody had a nice smile on, the room was full of action and they even were catering food to the players at dinner time. It is a great place to play that's for sure!

The rooms at the hotel are very spacious and comfortable, the spa was great and the gym was very well equipped which made time between playing poker very enjoyable. The restaurants were also very good. We ate at the Italian restaurant one night, La Cascata, where they went out of their way to make me something delicious and vegan. Which I really appreciated!

It was Mikey's birthday that weekend so we all went to Pure nightclub in Buffalo, NY.
Most of the crew was there except for a few that were still in the main event. The place was pretty slow considering it was a Saturday night, but it worked out great as they gave us 2 booths and it totally felt like a private party! Mikey had a great time and so did everybody else.

I am finally home, with the pets. I was in Quebec and Ottawa, Canada, the week prior to that to visit my family for Easter. These last weeks have been full of traveling. Which is fun, but it is also nice to be home after being gone so much! I am probably gonna play live poker in the weeks to come and maybe a few WPT preliminary events at Bellagio. Not having online poker to fill up some hours in the day is sinking in but I have found myself reading a lot more, playing more live and being productive on projects that I had kept putting off.

As always... life is good :)

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