Thursday, April 15, 2010

Jennifer Harman 4th annual Charity poker tournamant for the SPCA

This week was the 4th Annual Jennifer Harman Charity Poker Tournament for the Nevada SPCA. Being a vegan animal activist and a poker player, I figured it would be a great way to have fun playing and raising money for a good cause.

The event started with all of the celebrities walking the red carpet with their own pets or ones that were up for adoption from the SPCA. Some of the famous names included Holly Madison, Doyle Brunson along with his daughter Pamela and daughter-in-law Anjela, Carrot Top, Louie Anderson, Tiffany Michelle, Howard Lederer, Tom McEvoy, Tyson Griffin, and "TheMaven" David Chicotski.

I walked down the carpet with my precious little dog Bijou who was a little nervous, but did great. I would have liked to take Lola since she is a rescue but unfortunately, she is a little hyperactive and might have gotten a little out of control with all the people and animals around!

The event had around 149 players and raised about $100,000. The tournament was $330 with re-buys and players started with a 1,000 in chips. There was an add-on after the 3rd level for an extra 2,000 chips. With that small amount of chips to start it made for a very fast structure and little did I know I was in for 2 re-buys and one add-on! Somehow I managed to built my stack to 7k by the 3rd level, but lost it all a few levels later when I unfortunately misplayed a hand that left me short stacked with 1,700. I later woke up with AA and moved all in only to get cracked by K,10. At least it was all for a great cause!

Little Bijou was on my lap the whole time, getting heaps of attention from the media. She did great and stayed calm except for one time where she jumped on the table which gave everyone but the dealer a good laugh!

There was also a silent auction, but I did not bid on anything. Even though the items where great, they where all sport oriented and nothing appealed to me.

High stakes poker pro Chau Giang won the tournament and the 1st prize which was a 2010 World Series of Poker Main Event seat. I would have like to have been the winner, but I am happy that I supported the Nevada SPCA in their efforts to find homes for all those poor homeless animals.

If I didn't already have a full house, 2 dogs of my own and a rabbit plus my roommate's 2 dogs, I probably would have taken one more home! The Nevada SPCA updates their websites daily with pictures of their available animals, so if you are looking for a companion you should check it out!

I know that my pets are my babies and they bring a lot of joy to my life!


  1. Thanks to for the picture!

  2. Chau ol buddy he needed to win a buyin that your pup jumped on the table:)...